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Information About Family Law and How It Works

Terminating Spousal Support

Going through a separation or divorce yields many outcomes for involved parties, including the need to determine whether spousal support provisions are required. Therefore, understanding the terms of a spousal support agreement and when it can be terminated is essential, especially if you are the dependent party. Thanks to the information, you can understand the requirements you will need to adhere to and the situations resulting in canceling the support agreement. Further, working with a family law attorney is beneficial, as...

How does Collaborative Divorce Work?

It is not always necessary for a divorce to end in a legal battle. Collaborative divorce is becoming increasingly popular as more spouses choose to settle their disagreements out of the courtroom...

What Does Best Interest of the Child Mean?

Courts in California, like in many other jurisdictions, are intended to make decisions based on a statutory criterion known as the "best interest of the child." Although this is an admirable goal,...

How Long Does Spousal Support Last in California

After divorce, a California family court could order spousal support if one spouse earns a lower income that cannot sustain the lifestyle they were enjoying before the divorce. The spouse earning...

What are the Alternatives to Divorce in California?

When married couples decide to go their separate ways, a considerable number of people will immediately turn to divorce to dissolve their marriage, which is usually due to a lack of knowledge about the other possible options. If your marriage doesn't work out, yet you desire to get out of it without draining your bank account dry or dragging your children through the lengthy and tortuous divorce process, you might want to think about other divorce options that might help you lessen the pain. This blog discusses some of the...

A Guide for Separation in California

No one gets married intending to be divorced later. Regrettably, some relationships don't work, and there will come a moment when the couple will discuss a legal separation decision. If you and your...

Negotiating a House Buyout During a Divorce

If you're going through a divorce, deciding what to do with your home can be challenging. This is because you have probably spent time and money renovating it, and you may have even started making...

Can I Get Divorced in California Without Going to Court?

Being forced to attend court during a divorce may be the most stressful of all the events that could happen when going through a divorce in California. The majority of people dislike the idea of...

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