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Our lead attorney has handled over 1,000 family law cases and hundreds of custody trials. We offer an unparalleled courtroom presence and unmatched experience working with family law

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We care about your children. We will fight for your children like they are our own. Your children come first at and that will never change


Our clients are always informed of their current case status at every step. We provide all clients with a simple explanation of how the law applies to their situation

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Clients have access to all their client files 24/7 on their computers or smartphones. Notices are sent when new documents are uploaded and when hearings are approaching

San Diego Family Law Attorney

Divorce, annulment, legal separation, child custody/visitation battles, and a large host of other family law related matters are never something you wanted to be involved in. Marriages begin with high hopes, and children often suffer the most when they break down and break apart. 

Yet, when these kinds of family law and divorce related legal issues and/or disputes arise, you need to have an experienced, skilled family law lawyer on your side to guide you through the process from beginning to end. At San Diego Family Law Attorney, we understand the intricacies of California state (and San Diego County local) laws and regulations touching all family and divorce law matters.

We also appreciate the emotional stress of family law disputes and the high stakes they often involve. Whether it is a monetary matter over how to divide up "community property" after a divorce (or on how to define which pieces of property fall within that category), a fight over who shall have custody of your child or what kind of visitation rights you or the other parent shall enjoy, or a legal battle over spousal support, a legal challenge to the grounds of the divorce (contesting a divorce), or a wide range of other issues, we have years of intense experience that we can put to work for you.

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Why Choose San Diego Family Law Attorney?

There is no denying that there are numerous other family law legal practices out there to choose from, and you as a client have a real choice as to what kind of law firm will represent you. At San Diego Family Law, we offer you a number of good reasons to choose us over the competition.

We strive to demonstrate our dedication to our clients’ best interests and our deep-seated legal acuity every day with every person we serve; and based on our overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, high client satisfaction rate, and high percentage of referral-sourced new clients, we are consistently meeting our lofty goals.

Some of the clearest ways in which San Diego Family Law Attorney stands out from the crowd include:

We always handle your case personally from beginning to end. We never “farm you out” to other, less experienced law firms or attorneys.

We take the time to learn the intricate details of each client’s situation, insofar as they touch on legal matters, and use that information to fully “customize” the way we pursue your interests. We never simply use a standardized “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach.

We communicate with you early and often throughout the entirety of the legal process. We don’t leave you confused, worried, or uniformed. We let you know immediately about new developments and guide you through each legal step you need to take.

We have a long track record of securing far more favorable outcomes for our clients than what most other lawyers in our practice areas achieve. Our team of family law attorneys have learned the ins and outs of how to win the best possible outcome to all manner of family law cases. We can put that knowledge to work for you and duplicate the successes we have helped others to win in Family Law Court.

Our Practice Areas

At San Diego Family Law Attorney, we cover the full gamut of California family law and divorce related practice areas. Here is a quick overview of some of our most common practice areas (but you can find out more by visiting practice-area-specific web pages elsewhere on this website):


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Children's Law

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Domestic Partnership

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Family Law

Learn More

Legal Separation

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Marriage Law

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Post Judgment Enforcement / Modifications

Learn More

Post-Nuptual Agreements

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Pre-Nuptual Agreements

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Reproductive Rights

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Spousal Support

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Surrogacy and Artificial Conception

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At San Diego Family Law Attorney, we cover the full gamut of family law and divorce related practice areas; and our staff has deep experience all across the board. We have assisted many others going through divorce, family crises, and other family-related difficulties in San Diego and throughout Southern California, and we stand ready to do the same for you.

Whether you need legal advice and representation in a divorce process, a child or spousal support issue, a child custody/visitation battle, or a host of other “family matters,” our law firm has the expertise to secure an optimal conclusion to your case.

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